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Devious Journal Entry

Journal Entry: Sun Aug 6, 2017, 2:57 PM
So I haven’t been able to make a really nice, really developed piece of art for a while. It has all been half-finished, or half-colored sketches. Idk, but whenever I sit down to just art, I can barely get the concept out of my head before I’m tired and want to call it done. It is frustrating, to feel so slow and so… idk what this is. It is like I have regressed in skill. I feel like I’m just being lazy but I just can’t force myself to finish something to full refinement without absolutely struggling through it. This is part of why I stopped taking commissions; my heart is so wishy-washy over it all.

Art has always been like therapy for me, and a form of self expression. So why am I feeling so stifled? I have tons of ideas and images I’d love to see come to fruition, and yet…

Protokeros are a semi-open species by StarkindlerStudio

Originally conceptualized for a custom D&D campaign, they have been incorporated as an affiliate species with Wildling-Unicorns

Getting Started:

What do I mean by semi-open species? You are allowed to create your own Protokeros, but you must follow some guidelines!

1. You must be part of the group :iconprotokeros:

2.You must strictly adhere to the species guide!

3. You may only initially create up to TWO Protokeros. Any others can only be obtained through purchased/earned MYO slots through events, or customs and adopts made by StarkindlerStudio

4. You must submit your design/lore to the "Awaiting Approval" folder before attempting registration. StarkindlerStudio will need to approve your design/lore, at which point you will be assigned a number.

5. Once your design is approved, you must use one of the registration templates and submit your Protokeros to the "References and Registration" folder!

This is the only information available right now, but more is on the way! I am so excited for this, you have no idea!
An ongoing masterlist of Protokeros and their owners. Numbers 001-008 are among the very first Protokeros ever created, and will exist in the past according to current lore. Every Protokeros after 009 is second generation or younger.

001 Prometheus Starkindler StarkindlerStudio
002 Andromeda Shadoweave NoxxPlush
003 Chromius Hammerfel 
004 Eris Farstrider Rannarbananar
005 Demetrios Silvercloak RottingRoot
006 Airlea Featherfall 
007 Erxandros Swiftfoot 
008 Kallisto Snowhide AlchemillaVulgaris
009 Rigela Starkindler StarkindlerStudio
010 Arcturus Hammerfel StarkindlerStudio
011 Aramis Starkindler StarkindlerStudio
012 Amalthea Starkindler StarkindlerStudio
013 Aurora Starkindler StarkindlerStudio
014 Arcas Silverwind
015 Miriel Archer
016 Caelum Silverwind StarkindlerStudio
017 Jade Emberforge NauticalWheeler
018 Sama'el EternaNyx-Art 
So I'm sick again. Second sinus infection since February and on top of that, I somehow have strep??? Haaaaaa I need to see more doctors. I feel like all I do is sit in doctor's offices lately, when I'm not working. 
Okay so, until DeviantART lets me use my actual Paypal balance (and not a bank account transfer when I have perfectly good money already in Paypal), I'll not be renewing CORE. Adblocker removes the ads on desktop anyway, so I just won't use the site on mobile. Sorry, I'm just tired and cranky (50 hour work week, Sunday come soon!) and I don't understand why something that should be so simple just... well, isn't. DeviantART, if you want my business, then make this work. 


Journal Entry: Thu Apr 6, 2017, 6:08 AM
I'll be away for a fun stay-cation downtown for the con. It is a much-needed vacation! I've been working overtime and rushing to get all my ducks in a row for the con, hence my continued silence (besides the whole being sick thing). Once this ends and I recoup, I'll be finishing some owed art for a very patient friend, and getting to work on some really neat lore stuff in the works in relation to Wildlings and my own little species (that I never really intended to make into an official thing but WHOOPS). Don't worry, it's not another of the closed species things, it's just a fun supplement to the Wildling lore, and a fun way for me to further incorporate my own characters into the setting. Stay tuned! I'll want to get others involved in this!

Wildling Tracker

Journal Entry: Sun Mar 12, 2017, 5:03 PM
I decided to make one of these handy dandy trackers, since I'm looking to make friends for my current Wildlings. I am actively seeking a romantic partner for Aurora, and I'm interested in RP, even if it is breif or mostly just lore building ooc. 

:pearl bullet: Aurora Starkindler :pearl bullet: 
Nickname: Rory (only to her closest friends)
Titles (past and present): Crown Princess of Vesperia
Species: Wildling-Protokeros Hybrid
Wildling Heritage: Tarandus
Number: CS-H12
Canon Age: 207

:pearl bullet: Personality :pearl bullet: 

Aurora is at first guarded until she is certain of your intentions, although at times she can be a bit naïve. Since having leadership thrust upon her, she's had to learn to be more sociable to outside clans. After quite a bit of coaxing (and befriending Pandion), Aurora opens up a little more easily. She is generally kind and well-meaning, though she has a fiery spirit, and has quite a temper when riled up. She’ll be the first to tell you how she feels if you’ve really wronged her, though minor annoyances usually slide by with just a few complaints to herself. She is also easily startled, no matter how hard she tries not to let herself to be caught off guard. Rory is ambitious, self sufficient, headstrong, and adaptable, able to get through almost any situation. When it comes to her goals and desires though, she can be too stubborn, and a bit irrational when she's upset or angry.

Diamond Bullet Lite Blue Traits: Generous, Respectful, Friendly, Adaptable and quick to learn. She's always willing to do her part for the greater good, and never expects special treatment because she is royalty.

Diamond Bullet Lite Blue Flaws: Can sometimes be judgmental and quick to anger in the presence of very loud or overbearing characters, mostly in the case of them being unscrupulous.

:pearl bullet: Friends :pearl bullet: 
Pandion - A young Nerenisis Wildling that Aurora has unofficially adopted as her own son. The two are very close, and it was Pandi that taught Aurora how to read in the common tongue. Whenever she is in Nerensis territory, she spends as much time with Pandion as possible.
Garrick -
Hawthorne -
Vidar -
Viggo -

:pearl bullet: Family :pearl bullet: 
Amalthea Starkindler (Deceased)
Father: Brand Ferrer (Deceased)

:pearl bullet: Romantic Interest :pearl bullet: 
Possibly Gannon (Needs Development!)

:pearl bullet: Acquaintances:pearl bullet: 
Luzrov - A tense first meeting left a somewhat bitter taste in Aurora's mouth. Although his attitude was infuriating, she is hoping his heart can change for the better.

 [Currently seeking interaction!]

Journal Graphic-ChainDivider4 by Momma--G

Vidar Ref by StarkindlerStudio
:pearl bullet: Vidar :pearl bullet: 
Nickname: N/A
Titles (past and present): Prince
Species: Wildling Unicorn
Wildling Heritage: Tarandus
Number: T7-1
Canon Age: 20

:pearl bullet: Personality :pearl bullet: 

Vidar is rowdy, clever, and extremely competitve. He and Viggo essentially live one huge competition; Vidar always proving he is clearly the best, since he is the older one. This even stretches later into their adult lives, playfully boasting over things, like who has the more handsome children or spouse. Despite such a fiery rivalry, the two are the absolute best of friends, and share the kind of connection that only twins can. Like Viggo, Vidar loves teaching Knut everything he knows about being a big tough Tarandus, and likes to pull pranks on his elder siblings; especially Signe. Even though Vidar does place a lot of importance in physical strength, he does also realize using his noggin will also sometimes get him further in life than just brute strength. As a child he was extremely precocious, and as he has grown, his quick wit and silver tongue quickly win over an unsure stranger. He is a little selfish, though never appearing outwardly so. He also has a bit of an ego, what with his brains AND brawn.

:pearl bullet: Friends :pearl bullet: 
None yet, besides his siblings!

:pearl bullet: Family :pearl bullet: 
Abelone - Mother
Eiger - Father
Brom - Eldest brother
Signe- Eldest Sister
Kamilla - Elder sister
Viggo - Twin brother
Knut - Youngest brother

:pearl bullet: Romantic Interest :pearl bullet: 
None, yet! He's definitely very flirty, and always seeking companionship.

 [Currently seeking interaction!]

Journal Graphic-ChainDivider4 by Momma--G

M56 by Polar-Wildpedia
:pearl bullet: Garrick :pearl bullet: 
Nickname: Gar
Occupation: Gladiator/Adventurer
Species: Wildling Unicorn
Wildling Heritage: Melursus
Number: M56
Canon Age: 25

:pearl bullet: Personality :pearl bullet: 


Diamond Bullet Lite Blue Traits: WIP

Diamond Bullet Lite Blue Flaws: WIP

:pearl bullet: Friends :pearl bullet: 
Hawthorne - Best Friend, Traveling Companion

:pearl bullet: Family :pearl bullet: 
No Data

:pearl bullet: Romantic Interest :pearl bullet: 
None, yet!

:pearl bullet: Acquaintances:pearl bullet: 

 [Currently seeking interaction!]

Journal Graphic-ChainDivider4 by Momma--G

:pearl bullet: Hawthorne :pearl bullet: 
Nickname: Thorne
Occupation: Ranger, Adventurer
Species: Wildling Unicorn
Wildling Heritage: Nerensis
Number: N84
Canon Age: 33

:pearl bullet: Personality :pearl bullet: 

Generally go-with-the-flow and cool-headed, Hawthorne is the calmer counterpart of Gar. He spends his free time singing or teasing Gar about relationships. He is an expert marksman, preferring to use spells and projectiles thrown with his magic. He is adept at tracking, foraging, and general survival skills required for a life on the road. He doesn't usually speak about his missing leg; it was lost when he was a foal. He injured himself when he went out swimming without permission, and has had an aversion to water ever since.

Diamond Bullet Lite Blue Traits: WIP

Diamond Bullet Lite Blue Flaws: WIP

:pearl bullet: Friends :pearl bullet: 
Garrick - Best Friend and Traveling Companion

:pearl bullet: Family :pearl bullet: 
No Data

:pearl bullet: Romantic Interest :pearl bullet: 
None, yet!

:pearl bullet: Acquaintances:pearl bullet: 

 [Currently seeking interaction!]


Journal Entry: Tue Mar 7, 2017, 3:57 PM
Just hopping on to give a quick heads up. I have a full time job now, so I haven't had time to take on commissions, and that will probably continue to be sporadic. 

Also I am still on the road to improving chronic health issues, so do forgive me for silence, it means I am still sick. I did finally get to the bottom of one issue that has plagued me for years, so hopefully it isn't too late to treat/reverse. I am not dying or anything, so don't fret about that.

Anyway, that is the state of me! I hope to get back to art soon!

Happy New Year!

Journal Entry: Fri Dec 30, 2016, 6:32 PM
I just never seem to get any less busy!

This year I spent a lot of time preparing for big life events, like my Sister-in-Law's wedding in October. I also spent quite a bit of time on the road to health recovery; seeing as I'm sick almost all the time, I decided to do something about it. I've seen so many doctors this year, y'all. @~@

I am pleased that I was still able to work on art, though not as much as I should have, in terms of practicing technique. I really hope to get the chance to practice and challenge myself more next year! 

What are you looking forward to the most for the new year? What sorts of things do you hope to accomplish?


Journal Entry: Thu Sep 1, 2016, 6:33 AM
If any of you folks still read these things, lol, I'll be at Dragoncon for the weekend, I'll be back Tuesday!

Flash Sale, $5-$10 bust portraits! ENDS SUNDAY

Journal Entry: Wed Aug 24, 2016, 12:15 PM
Edit: This sale will end on Sunday, August 28th! I will be making preparations for Dragoncon after then!

Hi everyone!

I'm offering bust portraits like the one below for $10, and I will also do a sketch-only version (without color) for $5. Send me a note if you are interested, as of right now, there aren't any slot limits.

Bust Example by StarkindlerStudio

Work Resuming as normal this week!

Journal Entry: Tue Aug 9, 2016, 12:39 PM
Just an update that everything should be back to relative normal as of this week. Commission work is resuming and I hope to have some new art to upload for you soon. :) Thank you for your patience and understanding with last week's craziness. 

Sudden death in family

Journal Entry: Sun Jul 31, 2016, 5:50 PM
Will be sorta all over the place for at least the next few days while we try to make arrangements. I'm okay for the most part. It's just weird.

Brief internet outage!

Journal Entry: Fri Jun 10, 2016, 9:32 PM
I'm working on art things, but my internet is suffering some issues that I've not quite resolved yet. Hopefully I'll have that fixed no later than next week, so I apologize if answering messages is slow until then! :)

I am really in the mood to draw some pretty clothes, and I wanted to gauge interest in custom outfit designs for your characters! 

You will get to select a color palette and a general theme and fashion style. I then tailor the outfit to your character! (hehe, see what I did there?)
These will be mostly artistic freedom, and will be flat color, so the price will be fairly low and flat rate, but what I draw is what you get; no revisions. These prices include the cost of drawing your character in the outfit (at a heavy discount from what I normally charge). There are two tiers based on outfit complexity and style.

Arrow left $40 Tier Arrow right 

Bullet; Purple Formal Attire (Ballgowns/Suits/Tuxedos/Military Dress)
Bullet; Purple Magical Girl Attire
Bullet; Purple Adventuring Gear (Outfits for folks like Rangers, Paladins, Bards, Wizards, etc.)
Bullet; Purple Attire including lace or brocade (like gowns or lingerie)
Bullet; Purple Lolita Attire

Arrow left $15 Tier Arrow right 

Bullet; Blue Pokemon Trainer Outfit (pleaaaaaaaaaaaase this would be so fun!)
Bullet; Blue Casual Wear (the standard fare, tees, jeans, scarves, sundresses etc.)
Bullet; Blue Pajamas! (this includes kigus)
Bullet; Blue Hogwarts Uniforms
Bullet; Blue Swimwear

If you are interested, please fill out the following form and send it to me via note! :)

Paypal Email:
Character Reference: [Link to image]
Outfit Style: Magical Girl Attire
Color Palette: [either link to palette or list of 4-5 colors]
Notes: [little detail requests go here, like if you want a specific color for an amulet or if you want to be sure there are LOTS of ruffles, etc.]

Once we discuss the details of your commission and we are both clear on what should be done, I will send you payment information.

If you want some examples of what I can do, see below:

Rava Detail
Septimus Concept
Mahou Shoujo Unicorn!
Victoria Gijinka
Aurora Starkindler
Rava 2.0
Rava Alternate Outfit 1
Rava Performance Outfit 1
Rory Gown Design
Witch Pony
Simple Loungewear Example
I decided to part with some designs I bought over the years that I either don't use anymore or never got around to fleshing out. Some are for sale at their original price (or as close as I could remember) or higher if they have extra art or something of the sort. I will list below everything available, and just comment to claim which one you'd like to buy (paypal only right now, sorry). I'll send you a payment link as soon as I can. Once I send you that link, you have 24 hours to make the payment before the design is up for grabs again. I can't do holds, sorry.


:bulletpink:Frederick, MYO designed by me- $40 now owned by Roxling (includes his ref sheet and a bust portrait)


:bulletgreen:Spiced Cider, designed by Honeyking- $25 (includes ref sheet, unwatermarked original, and two extra portraits [x] [x]
:bulletgreen:Nebular Omminari, designed by me- $25 (includes minimal bust by Haventide)
:bulletgreen:Wild Orchid, designed by CigarsCigarettes- $50 (I am REALLY sad about this one. ;~; priced to include original, unwatermarked works by Cigars, and additional works [x] [x])
:bulletgreen:Rockabye, designed by CigarsCigarettes- $50 (priced to include unwatermarked originals, ref sheet, and additional portrait)
:bulletgreen:Azalea, designed by RottingRoot- $5 (design number 3 here)


:bulletgreen:Koi Mermaid, my design- $25
:bulletgreen:Rabbit Mage, my design- $20
:bulletgreen:Centauress, design by RottingRoot- $10
:bulletpink:Centaur, design by Phloxebutt- Now belongs to NoxxPlush (top left centaur in this image)
:bulletgreen:Pharaoh Robot, design by RottingRoot- $15 (you will get the unwatermarked original)
:bulletgreen:Unnamed Feline, design by Unstadoptables- $10 (the feline on the bottom here, you will get unwatermarked original)
:bulletgreen:Raz, original design by Romances- $25 (priced to include the ref sheet)
:bulletgreen:Empyreoteran, original species and design by RottingRoot- $20
:bulletgreen:Spirit Kirin, design by RottingRoot- $15
I'm opening for a few commission slots, for bust portraits, chibi portraits, and badges!

For an accurate quote, please send me a note titled 'Commission Inquiry', and let me know in detail what you'd like. I will then decide if I can take your commission, and then I will request payment via Paypal. If you have any questions, let me know!

Base Prices and my current queue are listed on Trello!

Update: The Sequel!

Journal Entry: Thu Feb 11, 2016, 7:54 AM
I'm back from FWA and I'm EXHAUSTED! I'll post some proper updates and get back to showing you all some art here in the next few days, once I recover. :)

I am still on all kinds of medications, but definitely on the road to healthiness! I hope. Probably. ANYWAY, I'm a bit quiet on the art front since I'm prepping for FWA in a few weeks, but I'll be back to uploading once my works are done! :) I'm excited to show off mah new stuff. 

Trinkitt Chibi Flash Sale!

Journal Entry: Wed Dec 16, 2015, 12:23 PM
I decided I am in the mood for some Trinkitts, so if you own one and are interested in a chibi like the one below, let me know! The cost is $18 per portrait, and I'd prefer to have only one Trinkitt per image, please. :)

Masq Chibi by StarkindlerStudio

No deadline or slot limit right now, but I will close if I feel like I'm at my limit. :)

Don't know what Trinkitts are? Check them out here: :icontrinkitts:

They are a closed species by :iconnoxxplush: and :iconmourgebeast: